The important occasions in our life are dominated by the way we look and feel in them. And to translate such times, into the most treasured ones in your life, we at Sajja are here to help. Whether it be a grand-scale wedding, a simple do or a professional model walkthrough, our experts are skilled in handling makeup for any situation.

Our team of trained makeup and hair artists can help you with great looking glossy hair and radiant skin within a short time frame. And if you have some time before the big day arrives, we also have a range of beauty treatments/ packages to make the best use of available time. We also invite you to check out samples of wonder that our henna artists can create on your palms and feet.

Sajja is special, because it revolves around one person: YOU. All the latest equipment and technologies we use, professional procedures we follow, the care we take in selecting our products and the research that we do before creating packages is done keeping your tastes and preferences in mind. And because You are at the center of what we do, we do well. Our Asian hair and makeup experts ensure that you shine through as the radiant queen of your evening. And to make this happen, we make everything possible along the way.

Other Services
To make the important events of your life ‘perfect’ in every way, we provide a range of make up and hair styling services.

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